My Big Toe – with pictures

Thank you, everyone, for the wishes for a speedy recovery. Comments indicate that we runners are good people but also have a bit of a sadistic edge; several asked for pictures.

I thought about documenting this in digital on Tuesday night and, then again, yesterday morning before heading to the doctor. I would have much rather photographed my face grimacing during the toenail poking ritual as I hate my feet. But, I am listening to your requests and I took a few pics tonight.

Really, the picture is not bad. Two days later, the redness is going down and the swelling has almost completely disappeared. The nail is almost completely white, which indicates that it is going to go. And, if you zoom in (go ahead and try), you can see the redness below the cuticle where the nail is fixed to the nailbed, which I can already feel it starting to loosen. The doctor suggested keeping a bandaid around it to keep it attached longer; as if!

And, if you’re really looking, you’ll see that I lost my fourth toenail a few weeks ago. It took weeks for that one to decide to disappear. One Friday afternoon in July, while playing at the pool with the boys, it slipped out; hopefully, someone didn’t catch it while blowing bubbles.

This evening, I ran 5 miles with the boys (pushing Little Ironman in the jogger); after the first mile, I didn’t notice my toe at all and my sock was only a little pink when we got home. Not only are we runners a bit of a sadistic group, but we are also masochists.

Quite honestly, though, I had to run tonight to test out my foot. Sunday is the day of the first half marathon – The Chocolate Half – that I’m racing this fall. With three more days of antibiotics to push through my system, I think my foot will be fine. My greatest fear, though, is those same antibiotics will push through my system and I’ll be an intestinal disaster.

So there you have it: my big toe. And, yes, I will continue to take pictures – just in case you ask again.

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  1. Thank you for confirming that I definitely don't like looking at damaged runner's toes.
    Cost of doing business though, glad you've kept a good sense of humor about it.

  2. Yay! Thanks for humoring us with the pictures. I'm looking forward to the next round! So, basically what your saying is your big toe is like a child's loose tooth where it is beginning to wiggle and you know it's going to go? Awesome (awesome in that sadistic runner way, of course)!

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