Wacky Wednesday

My husband and I often talk about nutrition around the boys. We are constantly, without really thinking about it, modelling the importance of diet and fitness and how they are connected. But, our boys constantly argue with us about eating their fruits and vegetables. We didn’t really think they were listening…

A few weeks ago, we took our Superhero-loving Little Ironman to a hobby shop, which had trains and tracks, hundreds of model kits and, you guessed it, Superhero toys. Within minutes, LI found the superhero he had “been waiting for” – Robin. A dollar store bargain, it was hard to say no.

Of course, Big Brother Skipper opened the package for him before they even got into the car so that he could play with it on the way home. While waiting at the train tracks (yes, even in a car, I always seem to get stuck at those same tracks), LI voiced panic.

Little Ironman: Oh no, Robin needs some water.

All three of us were confused; no one responded.

LI: Mommy, Robin’s hurt; he needs some water. Quick!

Me: What do you mean, honey?

LI: Robin’s back is sore and he needs some water to help make him feel better. Look.

I turned around and LI was lifting Robin’s cape over his head. Then, we saw Robin’s completely ripped back muscles, the envy of anyone who has joined Jamoosh’s Hard Core club. The plastic surgeon sure knew what he was doing when he molded Robin.

Now, I’m off to get a glass of water....

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  1. Watching the cartoons with the kids, I never picture Robin as being so jacked.
    Being a LI, though, he shouldn't have any trouble meeting the physical expectations of a superhero.

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