The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

You may have seen the Staples commercial – the one when the parents are skipping through back to school shopping because it’s September and, well, back to school. Well, for some, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. For me, it’s not.

Don’t get me wrong: I love my job. In fact, at the beginning of August, I was ready to go back to school. The boys were starting to get antsy too, their way of showing that they wanted school again. But September means that I have to include the work ball in my juggling act. This time, I am really worried about it.

Why? I still have ten weeks of training left before the Hamilton marathon. In those weeks, I have 2 5K races, 1 half-marathon and 6 long runs of 18 to 22 miles. During those same ten weeks, I have to get my boys settled at school, adjust to my husband’s night hours again, and start up the school year at work.

Today was s a good indication of the chaos I’m headed towards. I had planned to run before work today, but my stomach woes this morning closed my window of opportunity. So, after work, Skipper and I planned to go out for a 10 mile run; we had to wait until after 7:00 because of the humidity. We got home close to 8:30, ate, bathed, read bedtime stories and – yikes, it was 10:00! That didn’t leave much time to prep for tomorrow’s meetings and spend some time on the computer (writing is my other escape).

This summer, I’ve come too far to bail on Hamilton. This is my first marathon in twenty years and I am mentally prepared for the challenges of the race and getting there. The training will happen; we moms are pretty good at keeping the balls in the air.

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  1. You'll rock it. Before you know it you'll be settled into a pattern that fits everything in. And keep in mind those balls don't necessarily have to always stay in the air. There's a MI runner who invented the sport of “drubbling” in which he dribbles three basketballs while running!

  2. The women in our lives are amazing – and they live longer too! Good luck (… and to think I was going to ask you for friendly coaching along the way!) LOL 🙂

    “Don't let the pigeon drive the family!”

  3. As always I am in awe of parents..I have enough trouble keeping up with the stuff in my life and I have no kids. Here's to hoping for a great experience in Hamilton.
    (I gave you a cupcake award…enjoy)…

  4. wow… sounds like you are super busy! It takes a lot of courage to take on such a huge juggling act!! Once things settle down a bit, you will probably find a rhythmn to when you can get your workouts in 😀

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