Wacky Wednesday

In the same way that my goals change from one race to another, so does my attitude about the awards. For example, last Sunday, I was a tad annoyed that I didn’t get to take home one of the long-sleeved technical shirts that all first place winners were to receive (and, yes, I was a first place age group winner). Misleading information always irritates me.

Yesterday, at the Labour Day 10K, I wanted to finish as an overall female or an overall master. That was it. I didn’t care whether I got another medal or plaque or anything else for that matter. I just wanted a top finish.

I was delighted by my podium moment but laughed at what I was given for my effort: a gift card from the Running Room (always useful) and an award bag that no one else wanted. First, I found a red technical tee from May’s Mississauga Marathon – just like the one that I have at home but gave to Skipper. This one was too big for me and too small for Hubby so I gave it to a coworker who is somewhere in between.

Second on the list are Defeet Socks (score!) from last year’s Mississauga Marathon. Wait! They are a size too small; Skipper grinned from ear to ear, more than willing to play Cinderella (in a 9 year old boy sort of way). He loves wearing DeFeet on our bike/runs.

I was also given two wine glasses from the Niagara Country Wineglass Run – leftovers again. I’m going to use them as a prize for a staff meeting at work. After the first week of school, I’m sure there’s at least one teacher who would like to fill them with wine.

Finally, I got Rubbermaid lunch containers. Hurray! With 3 lunches to pack each day, I can find a use for these. And, they are good for leftovers too!

Really, I would have been happy going home with nothing. This just felt, well, wacky.

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  1. If I was cool enough to win awards I would be really disappointed in not getting the tech shirt. I was at a race and the overall winners got sweatshirts or something like that. The division winners got medals. But since the overalls had already gotten an award, they weren't allowed to also have a medal. Screw the sweatshirt – give me the bling! Alas, I'll probably never earn an award, so I'd take whatever I could get!

  2. I would be delighted if the wine glasses come full circle and wind up in a future award bag.

    I suppose your only option to avoid that outcome is to slow down a little

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