It Just Keeps Getting Better

I hope you read the title with a tone of sarcasm because there is definitely one there.

I ran a strong ten miles tonight, got out of the shower, looked at my battered leg from Monday’s race and cringed. It looks like it’s getting infected! There is definitely some discolouration going on but I can’t tell if it is a faint infected red or a pale bruised green. The medic did warn me that I was going to have a good-sized bruise. But, I’ve been cleaning it and keeping it covered at school; it doesn’t feel infected sore (and, sadly, I do know that feeling) so I’m hoping that it is just a bruise. By morning, I should have a better idea. I think I’m going to crop Runner Dude from the race picture, enlarge it and turn it into a dart board.

The wine glasses that I won are being put to use. As a fun thing to do to start the school year, my co-workers have to post one funny story that happened to them during the week. At our staff meeting on Monday, we’ll draw the name of one staff member who posted for the wine glasses. So far, it’s been well received. I’m glad because I hate seeing things not being used.

Have a Super Thursday!

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  1. This is funny, because I was just choosing out paint at the local hardware store and overheard another customer, “And honey, for the Living Room, let's do a pale bruised green.”

    Keep your spirits up!

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