Wacky Wednesday

When I ran in St. Catharine’s on Sunday, I raced for time. I felt confident that I could finish under 1:42 but really hoped for a sub 1:40; when I ran a1:37, I was thrilled. Finishing with a second place age group award was a “bonus”.

Hubby, the boys and I went to the awards ceremony and, while we waited, we tried to guess what the prizes were. The event was in Wine Country, and sponsored by both Dempster’s Bread and Merrell Clothing. I can never seem to have enough tech. wear so I really hoped for something from Merrell.

When the award ceremony began, I listened attentively to the prize distribution. “The first place winner will receive a medal, a bottle of wine, and a gift.”

My first reaction was “Thank goodness I’m not first” because I’m a non-drinker. You may recall that I was recently “awarded” with a set of wine glasses, which I gave to a running friend who, unlike me, does enjoy her wine and really wanted them for her cottage. Had I ran a first place finish, she would have had something to put in them.

The second place winner will receive also a medal and a prize,” the announcer continued. I looked at my husband and cringed. “It’s probably wine glasses. After all, we are in Niagara Country.”

As I watched the other second place category winners walk away from the awards, carefully carrying their white cardboard boxes, my mind raced with ways to give away this second set of wine glasses.

Skipper and Little Ironman were excited. To them, awards ceremonies are an early Christmas; you will probably get something that you want but you really aren’t sure what it will be until you open it. So, when I got back to our seats, the two of them stood up, eyes wide open, eager to see what was inside the box.

“It’s light,” I said. “It has to be wine glasses.” I pulled out the square styrofoam packaging from the box. “Yup, it’s wine glasses,” I sighed.

“Open it, Mommy. Let’s see what’s inside.” I carefully pulled off the top and we all looked at the wooden mascot from Dempster’s bread. “Look, Mommy, it’s a superhero. You got a superhero for running so fast!”
Don’t you love four year olds? Without a doubt, this is my favorite award ever!

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