This past week, I was “off” everywhere I went. I’ve been so busy at work that I feel that I’m lacing my shoes but not going anywhere; the boys are in full-swing of school and activities, and driving is beating up my right calf (city driving – aka, constanting braking – is not fun); Skipper had an MRI which has been a huge stress for everyone in the house; weather got in the way of running two nights, leaving me with only three runs this week.

How times have changed? Six months ago, I was thrilled if I could get three runs in. Now, I’m complaining that I’m only getting in three. But a talented running buddy of mine once told me that, during marathon training, you need three quality runs: a long run, a tempo/interval, and a good 5 to 7 mile run; anything else is a bonus. These are words that I’ve told myself again and again for the past few days.

I was able to run a 7 mile tempo on Wednesday (with speedwork at a 6:40 pace), ran 5 strong miles on Friday at lunch and am going out for 18 wet, rainy miles tomorrow. So, I met my minimum. But for me, an overachieving, A-type runner, I’m not happy with the minimum.

As a result, this week I simply haven’t been myself. I’m on edge; I know my heartrate is up a bit and the irony is that running has inadvertently become a stressor. I’ve been fretting about not reaching over 40 miles this week. I’m upset because I had to fulfill the role of being a mom on two mornings this week when I really wanted to get out for an early morning run. Finally, I’m starting to feel ready for Hamilton after running last Sunday and I want to make sure that my training goes as planned; when the plan falls apart, I get anxious. This week, the plan fell apart.

However, I am a believer in things happen for a reason and, last night, the reason for my low mileage week became obvious. First, I probably needed an easy week to recover from last week’s long run – the longest I’ve run in over 15 years. I also needed an easier week because I’m exhausted from work. Most importantly, though, I’m about to run long twice – tomorrow and, again, on Saturday – in the same week, resulting in a 50 mile week (assuming that I can get the other runs in; so, yes, the rest has probably been good for me.

Despite the negativity I’ve felt since Tuesday, I’m feeling confident about The Road2Hope in Hamilton – so confident that I registered for it last night. The countdown is on.

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  1. I hope Skipper managed his MRI OK. And more importantly I hope he is doing well.
    So, your familial stress is completely understandable.
    Previous 3 years training for fall marathons (taking this year off), I flirted with Long Run every weekend vs. Long Run every-other.
    Turns out life would introduce a weekend-off whether I liked it or not.
    For the better.

  2. I can completely feel you on this one…you're doing just fine though. You've been running really strong and that will carry you far. When is Road2Hope, btw?

    Hope you didn't get too wet out there!

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