Moving Forward

Thanks, everyone, who sent motivating words relating to my running woes. I have officially written off last week as a “rest” week.

Tonight, I did plan to run long after work but it was pouring. While I needed the distance, I did not wish to get sick. So, instead, I ran 5 miles, feeling fast and free. This week, I will simply carry on from where I left off.

The reality is that I’m a perfectionist. In fact, I think that everyone who is training or has run a marathon has some A-type traits in them. Think about how you have set your own goals, driven yourself crazy to meet them, been frustrated when the plan falls apart. We are driven towards the distance but we don’t just want to “run”; we want to run and put everything we can into that big day.

So, onward I move. I am less anxious about last week’s training and am using that as an experience to guide the next four weeks. I know that I have to run on Monday’s as that is a day that Hubby is home. I also need to plan my training around my chauffeuring, non-running nights – Tuesday and Thursday. With five days to plan my running on, great things might just happen after all.

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  1. I'm still not sure if we do these things because running is our goal or because achieving a difficult running goal helps open other doors in the rest of our life.
    We know you can do it. Keep moving forward.

  2. Hey Cynthia, You know the best part about being a perfectionist, you don't give up. You make adjustments as needed, but try again and again to get it right. It's what makes you successful :).

    I wanted to let you know that I sent some female students who are in different stages of running (half marathons and marathons) to your blog to read about how you do it and about your fabulous race times. I know they will find you a great inspiration. I do :).

  3. I had such an off weekend I was having trouble setting it aside and “restarting” this week. But this morning I made myself get out there in the drizzle all bundled up and I LOVED it again! Now if I could just shake the butterflies I ALREADY have for Saturday's race. I wish I didn't get so nervous for these short races.
    I know you will have a great training week! I hope you enjoy it.

  4. You're so right about all the type As out there in marathon world. I guarantee you can't find one who thinks they have done enough training wise (myself included). But it all works out in the end.

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