Will the Real Kevin Smith, Please, Stand Up?

Monday’s local 5K race may have made world history in running news – and it has nothing to do with my new PB!

Last night, my running buddy commented on the typo on the results page; the same name was recorded for the first and second overall runners, but they were in different age groups and came from different towns.

“No, there are two Kevin Smith’s,” I stated. I felt his pace suddenly drop.
“There are two Kevin Smith’s. I’m sure about this because I know one of them. That’s who Hubby was talking to after the race.”

The first place runner, a local in his late twenties, finished the 5KSM Turkey Trot in 16:10. He has been running for a few years, everything from 5K to 30K (results don’t indicate that he has run a marathon yet).

The second place runner, in the strange 30 to 49 year category that I also got caught in, is from Mississauga. While you may think that I know the local Kevin Smith, it is the out-of-towner whom I know; he worked with my husband many years ago in Toronto. I can attest that this Kevin has both the talent and passion for running that has led to many victories, including the National Title for the 35-39 men’s 1500 metre run, and a career in coaching. On Monday, Kevin ran the 5k in 16:24.

In the not-so-little town of Oakville, Ontario, these two men with the same name ran The Kerr Street Ministries 5K Turkey Trot and placed first and second overall, a mere twelve seconds apart. It is quite possible that this is the first time in World Running History that the top two finishers have had the same name.

By the time Runner’s World catches wind of this, it will be old news. Remember, you read it here first.

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