Lions, and Tigers, and Bears! Oh My!

A common question I read is “What do you do to get you out for a run when you don’t feel like running?” In our house, whether they realize it or not, it’s my boys who give me a good kick in my Running Skirt. Today was no exception.

Actually, today was a day that I did feel like running – but I didn’t want to push the baby jogger. Since I have a 10K race (a last minute entry) tomorrow, followed a 10K “cooldown” to get my long run in, I didn’t want to fatigue my legs too much tonight; pushing the baby jogger does force me to slow down but, sometimes, it can also tire out my hamstrings.

So, I needed to come up with a plan to let me escape for a run without Little Ironman crying that he wanted to come along. Daddy came to the rescue by suggesting that they go to the dog park (a large provincial park) and I could meet them there. Done!

When Skipper announced, though, that he wanted to ride with me, I cringed. “Here come the tears from LI,” I thought.

“Great idea! You can make sure I don’t get lost!” And, I turned to LI, repeating that Skipper’s job was to make sure that I wasn’t going to get lost when I looked for them at the park. No tears.

Instead, LI, who had been suspiciously quiet for a few minutes, asked, “So we’re all going to the dog park?”
“Yes. You, Daddy and Chase will go there, and Skipper and I will run there and find you.”
“Great! Skipper can be the Scarecrow, I can be Tinman, Daddy can be the Cowardly Lion, you can be Dorothy and Chase can be Toto.”

Skipper then asked for a basket and an oil can.
“A what?”
“An oil can, so that you can oil the Tinman.”

Today, getting ready for my run also meant rummaging through the basement for an old Easter basket and finding the plastic watering can that we put away a few weeks ago. LI happily jumped into the car with his props; Daddy was instructed to “just go with it”.

Six miles later, Skipper and I found the trio. I changed out of my wet clothes and LI collected the props. Hand in hand, we headed back into the woods, skipping arm in arm (which is really hard to do when you’re twice as tall as your partner) and singing “We’re Off To See the Wizard”.
One by one, I, Dorothy, found my three friends as we tried to find our way back to Oz.

Now, if I could just find a pair of red, ruby running shoes that could take me to the finish line just a little bit faster….

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  1. That's one creative family there! What a great way to do it.

    I did a relay yesterday. My portion was 6.3 miles, then we ran an additional 7 miles easy. I have to say, I am really beat up by the hard effort followed by that much “cool down!” Good luck with yours.

  2. Sounds like fun! you've just GOTTA sprinkle some red glitter on your shoes….it'll be a nice mind trick when you get tired and start looking down (somethingt omake you smile and keep going..) I wear mismatched socks (which is a stretch for me..LOL)

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