You Know You’re a Runner When….

At this morning’s Turkey Trot, I told a friend that I wanted to run my first mile at a 7:30 pace and, then, pick it up.

“7:30? What’s that in kilometres?”
“I don’t know exactly. Around 4:25?” was my reply.

I don’t run with a Garmin (although I would like to). Instead, I run by how I feel; I listen to my breathing, the rhythm of my feet, and the tightness in my chest. There isn’t much science to it, but it works.

When it comes to race day, I keep an eye on my watch at every kilometre marking. Once I hit my first K, I use that as my factor to see if I’m on pace to calculate the kilometres that follow; usually, I am.

You know you’re a runner when you can quickly calculate paces and times in your head and be fairly accurate.

But you really know you’re a runner when you’re in the kitchen, look at the clock and read 4:52.

“4:52. What happened? Oh wait, that’s my marathon goal pace (for a 3:25). No, wait! That’s the real time.”


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  1. Oh, I'm so far behind on your blog… So, I see the name Kevin Smith and he's straight Jay and Silent Bob, and now he is 2 fast runners. You characterize those finishers as strange, but I still think even stranger is that they not only had a 30-49AG, but you won it. This flood of hardware just cannot be stopped.
    You also made me realize that my kids have never seen The Wizard of Oz, guess I better plant the seed now, because I would love to have the skipping-arm-in-arm experience. You are so lucky!
    OK, and I am The total numbers freak.
    I see a phone extension like x2211 and immediately associate '2008 Independence Day 5K' which just proves we never turn off.
    I'm hoping that one day, you see 4:52 and think 'And that's how I earned that 3:25!'

  2. I find when I run I am constantly doing math in my head — sure makes the time fly by. Of course I never did say my math was accurate, but it sure entertains me!

  3. I'm a runner and I'm terrible at calculating times and paces in my head. I was reminded again of this yesterday over the last 5 miles of the race when I was trying to figure out what pace I'd need to maintain to hit my goal.

    Also, I got a Garmin 110 back in July and I absolutely love it. Small and simple, with no extra bells and whistles.

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