Thanks, Honey!

Last week, after running the 5K Turkey Trot, my husband suggested that we so another Turkey Run this weekend. This surprised me as he really hasn’t been running that much. It was clear that he was excited by his time on Thanksgiving Monday and wanted to keep the momentum going. So being a supportive wife, I agreed to register him for the 5K..

However, since I had pulled out of the November marathon, I decided that I could run the 10K and not really worry about missing a long run. I also know that my standing there and watching him run would be a real challenge for me so I did what any running wife would do; I registered Hubby for the 5K and me for the 10K.

I didn’t take the race too seriously. My goal was to use it as a training run so, on Saturday night, just over 12 hours before the start, I headed out for a 6 mile run. I stayed up late. I wasn’t even worried about what to wear, other than to stay warm. I just wanted to log some speedy miles.

But that competitive side kicked me as soon as I picked up my timing chip. So, I prepped Skipper on how to coach me. The course was winding and gravelly so I worried that I wouldn’t have a sense on where I was position-wise; the mix of 5k and 10K runners starting together can also make pacing tricky; am I running after 5K or 10K runners (and I only knew for sure on the second lap)? I showed Skipper where to stand past the finish, told him to call out my position if I was in the top 5 ladies and to yell “Hold that pace!” if he could see another gal behind me. My friend, Jenny, who was there to watch her husband run, just looked at me blankly. “Runners.”

The course had gently rolling ups and downs (nothing high enough to call a hill) and the terrain was all gravel. I ran into the wind for the first two kilometres and, again, between 3 and 4K. Lucky me, since I was running the 10K, I got to see that wind again. But I didn’t see Skipper; I’m still not sure what happened but I missed my sideline coach.

At 7K, though, a girl about his age cheered me on, “You’re second lady. The other is just ahead of you.” Just ahead, yes, but far enough ahead that I couldn’t catch her. She finished just under a minute ahead of me and I held firmly onto a second place.

When Hubby had finished his 5K (in 28 minutes), he ran to meet me in the last 500 metres. I love his support, but I do have a history of yelling some choice phrases at him at the end of a race.

“You have 5 cones to pass and you’re there,” he called as he started to run with me.
“I’ve got it. Now stay back.” There were a few little boys in earshot so I bit my tongue; but he knew what was coming next.

As many of you know, I’ve been on a streak of coming home with some interesting hardware. Yesterday, only the first place overall female and male winners won a medal and a prize. But, lucky me, I’m an old gal, so I was able to claim the First Place Masters’ Prize, a medal and a nice little gift card from the Running Room.

So, thanks, honey, for suggesting that we run this race and cheering me on at the finish. Here’s to many more….

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  1. I work with a lot of canadians now and it is always funny to me that Thanksgiving is so early there!! Oh well, with thanksgiving comes turkey trots!

  2. I'd like to know what you were gonna say when you bit your tongue. My imagination just isn't kicking in.
    And I like Jenny's reaction when you were coaching Skipper, too bad he was MIA.
    So, you got 2nd overall female, that's not bad for “an old gal.” Impressive that you ran such a strong race, considering the circumstances, especially with a 6-miler the night before.

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