We have had a glorious fall – warm, sunshiny days with next to little rain. On Wednesday night, that changed.

Suddenly, it’s cold. I no longer need just one long-sleeved shirt; I’m in layers now. Skirts and shorts are no longer comfortable; capris or tights are a must. This can only mean two things: winter is coming and bigger piles of laundry.

Of course, this sudden change in temperature has caused a bit of panic. The half-marathon is only two weeks away and I have no idea what to wear for the cooler temperatures predicted for November 7th. The race part itself is easy to plan for; it’s what to wear to stay warm before the race that has my mind spinning. I have an old throw-away sweater that I’ve been saving for this and I’m planning on gloves, which I think I’ll need to wear the entire course. I also want warm-up pants at the start but I don’t want to leave them for the Hamilton’s homeless.

This panic is off-set by the excitement that comes with buying new running gear. My Nike tights are now 15 years old and are about to be replaced by a capri Running Skirt (already ordered and en route!). I also need to invest in a pair of lighter weight gloves as my others are too heavy for a fall race.

Race day is 14 days away. That’s 13 more sleeps (who really sleeps the night before a race?) and 13 more shopping days. And, how many days are there until Christmas (hint: Monday is October 25th) ?

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  1. stay with shorts / skirt unless it goes below 0. You will be fine. I ran the full at Hamilton last year ( it was 1 degree) and I was fine. Just make sure to have gloves if its cool. I usually buy throw away gloves at a dollar store and just ditch them on the course once I warm up.

  2. I had a nervous breakdown yesterday on what to wear for my half. It was pouring rain here but when I got to Niagara it wasn't and was warmer. My truck was filled with “what if” clothes and I changed when I got there. I hate not being completely prepared and the uncertainty. Good luck in figuring it out!

  3. I never know what to wear race day. It definitely gets harder in the fall when the mornings are chilly, but quickly warm up to a comfortable 55 degrees.
    Good luck figuring it out…I wish I could help! 🙂

  4. I forego the warmup pants at the starting line because I find the legs warm up rapidly. Your other concerns, upper body and hands are the ones that usually stay frozen for a few miles.
    Of course, race day can throw anything it wants at you, so it's wise that you are preparing already.

  5. hey – I have great gloves from lululemon that are lightweight… I can pick you up a pair if they have the same ones still. Consider it an early xmas gift 😉


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