Trek or Treat: Race Report

When I wrote about the Turkey Trot races that I ran in mid-October, I received many comments from readers who were surprised that Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving in October. Since we have a colder climate, our harvest is earlier, hence the need for an earlier Thanksgiving. This also means that we have more time to recover from a huge meal before the December feasting begins.

Canadians do celebrate Halloween on the same day as our American friends but the local Halloween race, Trek or Treat, is in the middle of October, most likely because it is held in the cold and dark; it’s much warmer in mid-October than at the end of the month. So that I wouldn’t confuse you, I held off on posting the race report until November 1st.

Now look at the picture carefully. Right! It’s not me. It’s my friend, Michelle, who used this as her comeback race (5K) after a long lay-off. Yeah, Michelle! I decided not to run for the reasons that Michelle did. Runners (almost all of them) dress up and I didn’t want to run in costume. Secondly, it is a spooky run which works its way around dark, dark streets, a cemetery and trails; spooky volunteers and noise-makers jump out from the dark and scare runners as they run past. Finally, it is so dark that runners must wear a headlamp to participate (and I didn’t want to run with one of those either), The combination of low visibility, costumes and trails would make it a race that would be difficult to PR on.

However, I did go to the run as Skipper and Little Ironman were keen to run the Spooky Mile. They didn’t get dressed up, nor did their friend, but they had a blast enjoying the Halloween excitement.

Skipper ran his mile in 9 minutes and change. Little Ironman and I were fairly close behind, finishing in 14 minutes – not bad for a 4 year old whose only training involved chasing the girls to kiss them at recess.

The favorite part of the evening for the boys was the pizza.
I run for chocolate but, my boys, they run for pizza!

It was a fun night for all of us and set the tone for what was about to happen just two weeks later. Trek or Treat!!

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  1. That race sounds like so much fun!! I feel like with all of those “obstacles” I wouldn't want to be in a costume though. I mean if someone is jumping out to scare me I would want to be prepared to catch myself before I fall and break an ankle!

  2. I'm back!! Sorry for the lack of comments.

    I've had a dream to run in costume for quite a while. I think that I could probably do it in a mile race, probably.

    Great job with the kiddos.

  3. I think it's so funny you focused on your friend, but I'm with her, that sounds like a cool race.
    Nice job by the kids, 9 minutes is pretty fast. If LI runs so fast when tempted by girls, imagine how fast he'd run when tempted by one of those expanding wash cloths.
    Hope you are feeling healthy for your race this weekend. And 2 notes about comments you left me (since I am now behind). 1. Your Cape May experience, maybe it's better if you don't go back! 2. In terms of ice skating vs. rollerblading (not even getting into the problems with generation Z), ice around here is rather limited and costs $$$. We have a pond, but my wife won't let me take the kids on it, I'll have to build up her confidence this winter.

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