Wacky Wednesday

It’s Wednesday, the day I both love and hate. I love the opportunity to run with my friend, Shawn, but it takes effort.

First, I have to find a sitter for the boys – my two and his one. Secondly, I have this thing about having a clean house when people are over; so, before heading out the door this morning, it was a quick washing of the kitchen floor, tidying up the kitchen, vacuuming, and, of course, cleaning the bathroom. Finally, when I get back home, I only have about 15 minutes to get changed and go through the pre-run rituals, which includes using my asthma medication; I always worry about using my meds too soon before I head out; for me, running about 20 minutes after my dosage works best and waiting too long leaves me sucking air.

The sitter, Shawn and son were supposed to be at our place at 6:15 and are always on time. At 6:20, wondering where they were, I pulled out my phone and had the following message:

Hi running late because of a meeting. May be a bit late. Sorry.

Great. So much for planning when to use my inhaler. In my mind, I thought about taking more time to warm up and our run should be fine. Then, I told the boys who were anxiously waiting for their friend to play with, “Mr. C. is running a bit late. They’ll be here by 6:30.”

Little Ironman piped up: How can he be so slow if he’s running?

And, by the way, we weren’t slow tonight. I did feel like I was sucking air but, when I got home, I calculated a 6:56 pace for our 8+mile run. I’m feeling good about Sunday’s half:)

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  1. I know it's WW, but did you really need to hide that note about your pace at the bottom?
    Good luck with your HM, you've had an excellent year and solid training. You've earned a good race.

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