It’s What I Want

Over the past two weeks, I have looked at what I’ve done with my running since May and thought a lot about where I want it to go. I still have that calling for the marathon and am looking at work and family schedules more carefully before I decide. At this point, I’m considering the Shamrock Marathon, Cleveland and Goodlife (Toronto).

But I also want to push my half-marathon time down a few minutes. I feel confident enough in my own abilities that I should be able to bring it down to 1:35 and I’m leaning towards running more competitively in Montreal’s 21K in mid-April. This would also be a good training race for a May marathon.

Right now, though, my immediate goal is to have fun. At the same time, I’m building mileage and adding in the odd race to get in some real speedwork. (Let’s face it: speedwork on dark, winter nights is no fun.)

Of course, though, the fun does come with its own set of goals:

1. Run twice a week at lunch time.
2. Complete 2 – 15 mile runs by December 5 th.
3. Complete Egg Nog Jog (10.8 km) on Sunday, December 12
4. Run whenever there is time; that will make up for the days that there isn’t.

Unorthodox? Probably, but it’s what I want.

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