Skipping to the Beat

Meet Skipper, my almost 10 year old. Like many, my boys are affectionately nicknamed. Skipper’s passion for music and his natural rhythm – he even feels the rhythm of the wheels on his bike – led to his. He plays the piano, sings in two choirs (three in January), volunteers with a primary choir and is auditioning for a jazz band.

At this time of the year, I have to revolve my runs and races around his practice, performance and rehearsal schedule. Today was the first day of giving up my Sunday morning runs for the next few weeks.

Coincidentally, today was the first day of many races that I wanted desperately to do. The Hannukah Hustle took place in Hamilton. This is the race where I pulled my calf muscle last year, resulting in my one and only DNF; I did finish – walking – but I didn’t cross the finish line. I wanted to go back this year to run the 5K or the 10K to redeem myself.

On the other side of the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) was a 5K and a 10 miler taking place in Whitby. A good running buddy was racing there and, as much as I wanted to run with her, I couldn’t; it was logistically impossible.

Part of my reason for running 15 miles last night was so that I wouldn’t give in to my racing addiction and find my way out to Hamilton, but I needed more to hold me back. Even before going to bed, I contemplated calling a friend to take Skipper and Little Ironman to Church so that I could; if I ran the 5K, I thought, I could probably get back by the end of the service and take LI home while Skipper practiced for the December concert.

Instead, today remained a day to wear my mommy hat. With pride, I watched Skipper stand with a group of girls at the front of the Sanctuary and sing. With love, I sat through the sermon with Little Ironman who just wasn’t in the mood to go to Sunday School.

With jealousy, I heard from friends who raced well this morning and wished that I were with them.

And with acceptance, I realize that Skipper’s busy music schedule is forcing me into some goal-driven training for the next few weeks. Last night, I met one of them; tomorrow, I chase down my second: hill repeats. Neither I could do well if I had planned to race this morning.

One Sunday down; two to go. Then, it’s my turn again.

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  1. I love how you put a 15 mile barrier between you and the 5K and still entertained thoughts of running it.
    You have such great kids, and I am impressed by both Skipper's hectic schedule and your ability to accomodate it within your running world.
    In fact, with such great kids, I think you SHOULD consider Disney. With the poor economy the past 2 years, we had several people say, “the prices have never been better” and even I, the big cheapskate wet blanket, was convinced 🙂
    Oh, and knowing you, I have a feeling you'll eventually get your DNF redemption.

  2. Sometimes taking a few weeks off racing to train is the best thing you can do. I'm doing the same after Saturday – my last race of the season, after that nothing until Spring. We missed you yesterday but I'm sure there will be many more to come!! Good for Skipper being so involved and balanced in his extra-curriculars. He must have some good role models in his life 😉

  3. It's very hard balancing the running schedule sometimes that's for sure. It was a cold day to race, there will be better days. Congrats to your son, great pic!

  4. I hear you loud and clear. It will be tough with me racing as well as I am the Audio Visual director in our church and a small staff will make it hard. My daughter sings in worship team so that makes it even harder.

    I am sure Skipper was a blessing and Mom Dad and little Ironman were all proud.

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