The Hat

I never use to run with a hat. This summer, though, while building mileage under the hot sun, I decided that it was time to be kind to my nose, and I picked up a Nike technical cap.

I was surprised when I loved it and wore it on all of my runs and races over an hour. In October, when leaves were changing colour and starting to fall, the aqua blue and white colours in my hat just didn’t cut it; I needed darker, fall colours. And, I definitely needed a cap as I hate getting home to find crinkly brown, yellow and red leaves in my hair.

So, I headed into our local Nike store and found hats identical to what I had – but in black. I looked at them carefully, trying to figure out why they were labelled differently; they were ladies’ black technical running caps with the same bar code.

Curiosity got the better of me and I approached the men at cash.

Me: So, what’s the difference between these hats because they look the same but are tagged differently?
Sales Guy: We’re not sure. Last year’s stock, maybe?
Me: No, I don’t think so. Let me try them on.

And, I did.

Me: Okay, I figured it out. The fabric in this one is lighter than the fabric in that.
Sales Guy: Really? Wierd. They have the same bar code and everything. But that doesn’t surprise me. We have other products like that too.

I looked at him blankly.

Sales Guy: Do you see the jog bras behind you? The grey ones are two different fabrics. One is lighter than the other. But they have the same bar code.

Of course, I had to touch them.

Me: You’re right. That one is definitely lighter.
Sales Guy: Yeah, same bar codes. Wierd, eh?
Me: Yeah. But do you want to know what’s really wierd? Listening to two guys talk about feeling women’s bras with a perfectly straight face.

I left the store with my “heavier” technical running cap, leaving behind two scarlett and speechless men.

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  1. As you may know I come from the apparel industry…you should see some of the things we sometimes have to do to fulfill orders. I'm not saying we skimp on quality or anything but fabric substitutions, different dye lots in one run and things like that happen quite a bit.

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