Mommy Does the Chilly Willy

Okay, this is just a quickie that I should have written on Sunday night.

Late last week, I toyed with the idea of ditching my long run on Saturday (it was suddenly really cold and I’m a wimp) in favour of a race named “The Chilly Willy”. At the start of 3 chaotic weekends in Mommy-world, I didn’t think I could pull the race off. Why?

Problem 1: Skipper had to be a Church on Sunday morning for a rehearsal for next Sunday’s Christmas singing by the Youth Choir.

Problem 2: Skipper and I had to leave town at 11:30 (immediately after rehearsal) for rehearsals and two performances at The Living Arts Centre in Mississauga. Yes, this was a huge deal.

Problem 3: I didn’t want to go alone. I had to convince Daddy to come with LI and stand around in the cold while I ran. Or, they could stay at home and keep warm, and I could go with my running bud.

Problem 4: The race start was 10:00. Clearly, timing was an issue.

Solution: Enlist the help of friends. Supermom Katherine took Skipper to Church. Daddy stayed home with LI. Running Buddy and I went to the race together.

The end result: A 41:25 10K with a second gal finish. Got home with 10 minutes to shower and change into stage-worthy clothes; left the house with wet, unbrushed hair – for the dramatic effect. What a day!

Race report coming…..

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