The 5 and 10 Birthday Bash

Thank you everyone for your kind words on yesterday’s post. I truthfully will have many trying months ahead of me but I know that I can get through them. I have lots of things giving me strength and courage; this blogging thing is one of them.

After this morning’s Church service, I learned that Skipper and Little Ironman needed to stay at Church to practice a song to be performed next week.

I had other things on today’s agenda – like a long run and icing 24 cupcakes for tonight’s 5 and 10 Birthday Bash, a combined trampoline party for my recently-turned 10 and soon-to-be 5 year old. But this was the first time that Little Ironman showed any real interest in singing; my shock must have led to temporary memory loss as I agreed to stay and watch them rehearse. By the time we got home, the window for my long run had closed which meant I didn’t have to face that cold wind for a few hours; I was quite happy to run a shorter 5 mile distance.

Before heading out, I gave the boys the play by play of what the rest of the afternoon would be. “After I get back,” I told them, “I’m going to vacuum. Then we’ll head to the bank, pick up the cake and head to the party.”

“No, Mom, that’s not right at all,” piped up LI.

I looked at him blankly, trying to figure out what I said wrong.

“After you get home, you’ll do your stretches, then shower, then vacuum, bank, cake and birthday party.”

I’m not sure whether LI is looking after me or trying to tell me that I smell after I run. Either way, he is wiser than his almost 5 years make him out to be.

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