Wacky Wednesday

In September, Little Ironman will be in grade 1, and he is already starting to talk about going to school with Mommy. Tonight, he asked many, many questions about his new school.

His biggest concern is not knowing where all of the classes are.

“The next time you come to school with me, I’ll have to give you a tour.”
“A what?”
“A tour,” I repeated, “so that you can see all of the classrooms.”
“But where are all of the classes?” he asked again. “I don’t know where they all are.”
“Well, the grade ones are all on the first floor,” I told him.
“And what about the other grades?”
“The big kids, the grades 7’s and 8’s, are upstairs. The grades 7’s are across from my office.”
“And, what about everyone else?”
“Well, it’s a big school (over 800 kids), so the two’s and three’s are in portables -“
“Eww! I don’t want to go to that school! I don’t want to be in one of those!” he squealed.

Skipper piped up. “No, LI. Mommy said portable, not porta-potty.”

The sons of a racer.

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  1. Too cute! I totally understand his concern. I can still remember my first day of elementary and my mom walking me to my room. Everyone else was already in their seats and I had no idea how they all knew where to sit. Okay – I worried about that every freaking year until I graduated from college!

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