The Burden of Hills

Apparently, I have a tight butt. Now, this could be a flattering statement for some women. Me? I’m cringing.

The hills on Sunday were brutal. The start was downhill. From 2.5K to 9K, we gradually climbed 200 metres. Between the ascent, frozen roads, sticky shoulders and generally miserable conditions, it was a slow climb – so slow that it was impossible to get legs turning over comfortably whenever there was a bit of a plateau. The finish was gently rolling, but it was predominantly a downhill finish.

On Monday, my right ITB felt tight. It wasn’t the “Ow, this really hurts” type of tight but the “I pretty be careful with this” kind. By 5:00, I knew I was going to need to see my chiropractor, Dr. Randy, within the next few days. That night, at 6:30, I was lying on his table.

Yes, I have stretched my ITB, that ligament that runs down the outside of the thigh from the hip to the shin. If the band, which is narrower around the knee, rubs with the bone, it can become inflammed. Mine isn’t inflammed; it doesn’t even hurt. It’s just tight – the same tightness that I felt after running the downhill half-marathon in Hamilton a few weeks ago.

My chiropractor, a multi-ironman and my go-to guy for any type of preventative treatment, had me lie down on his torture rack and put me through some motions. He said he was only brushing my band, but it felt like he was digging his hands right through the muscles to massage it – sheer torture. Then, he pointed out that the ITB runs up to the butt muscles and wanted to check them out too. Sure enough, my right cheek is tight; the agony continued. Now, I knew what Shawn had gone through for weeks when Randy was treating his ITB.
I have since run – twice, 5 miles each time – and went back today for more punishment. I did not like hearing that my butt seemed even tighter than it was on Monday, hopefully because I just finished running an hour earlier.

Dr. Randy gave me three exercises to keep working on at home (pictures coming in tomorrow’s post) and I’ll see him again on Monday. On Wednesday, I’m seeing his masseuse for a 30 minute massage (dreading this one too) so that she can also work on loosening my legs.

The good news is that I can still run; I just have to be careful. Now is a great time to deal with this because I’m off work and have the time to stretch before and after my runs – no butts about it!

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  1. You always have the best conclusions!
    Enjoy your time off work and happy stretching, I hope that all of the care you're getting gets you back to normal and within sight of your goals.

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