Friday’s High Notes

Today, I started Christmas shopping for the second time. No, I do not mean this was the second time I went shopping; it is the second time that I started shopping from scratch.

Last week, Skipper had a 45 minute piano lesson and Little Ironman was at a friend’s for a playday. Normally, I would take advantage of the time and head out for a quick run but, instead, I decided to buy a few things for Christmas. Toys in the back hatch, I picked up Skipper and, then, LI. When we got there, LI’s “present sense” was on high alert as he walked straight to the hatch – something he never does. Tired and clearly not thinking, I opened it.

“Oh,” he calmly asked. “What’s in that bag?”
“Nothing,” I replied, wondering how he could even see the “toy bag” at the back of everything else.
“No, there are toys in that bag.” At this point, I wondered how he knew there were toys in it as he had never even seen a bag from Zellers and everything was definitely under plastic.
No, honey, there are no toys in that bag.
“Yes, there are. I can see them. Let me see the toys.”
There was no arguing about this anymore. “No, those are for your birthday and Christmas. Your birthday is next week and Christmas is in two weeks. If you want any of those toys for your birthday and Christmas, you get into the car now.”

Little Ironman listened, jumped in, looked over the seat at the bag and announced, “Listen, Mommy, I’ll open just one toy. That’s my deal: just one toy.”

I ignored him and got into the car, but his “negotiations” continued with some yelling and seat-kicking action. Skipper started arguing with his brother over whether or not they should be allowed to open the toys; I slammed on the brakes and turned off the engine. Silence. Five minutes later…

“Are you boys ready to go? We’re not going to yell and kick? And, we’re not going to scream about toys? Good because, if it continues, I’ll just take back the toys or give them to a family which doesn’t have a lot of money to buy toys for Christmas.”

The boys agreed, we headed on our way, and within minutes, LI announced he was ready to make another deal. “Just one toy, Mommy. Let me open just one toy. That’s my deal.” And, the screaming began again.

“That’s it! You’re not getting any toys! Toys are for good boys and you are not listening! You are not being a good boy! You don’t deserve any of those toys! Oh, look. There’s a Zeller’s. I can return them right now.”

And we did. We walked into the store with a bag full of toys and walked out with an empty bag. Needless to say, there were lots and lots of tears. Apparently, I’m the meanest mom. You could have heard a pin drop at dinner and, by 7:30, Little Ironman asked if he could, please, go to bed.

All week, LI has been on his guard for “golden” moments and I think Santa has moved him back to the “good list”.

Me? When Skipper was at a rehearsal tonight for the Christmas pageant (High note #1: he’s singing “O Holy Night”), I started Christmas shopping for the boys again tonight, and I finished! That’s a high note for both of us.

And, my third high is finally figuring out how to show the elevation from
Sunday’s race on blogger. Elevation drops from about 350m to 250m in the first 2K; then, it climbs about 150m before gently rolling to the finish. I’m sure it was the start that is causing this week’s ITB woes.

And, I have one more high piece of news – but that’s another post!

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