Between the Two of Us

Last week, I saw my chiropractor three times. Two visits were planned; the third was a last minute “snatch” from my husband, who was sick all Friday night and couldn’t make his 8:45 appointment on Saturday morning. Each visit left me feeling more and more confident that I hadn’t strained my ITB too much at the Egg Nog Jog.

On Monday, I got a note from my running buddy, Shawn. He, too, was having troubles with his ITB. Like mine, his is result of the hills at the Egg Nog Jog last weekend. His left knee was tight, whereas it was my right; between the two of us, we have a good pair of legs.

Between the two of us, we have seen Dr. Randy 5 times in the past nine days. So, of course, I was worried about our tempo run tonight. I was even more worried that his speedy chum was joining us. Once again, I was nervous – the same kind of nervous that I use to feel on a first date. How fast is he? What is his tempo pace? What if I can’t keep up with the two of them?

Everything was fine until mile 3, halfway up the first part of “the slowly climbing hill”. Blame it on my asthma (didn’t give my puffer enough time to kick in, went out too fast), blame it on the hill or blame it on the wind we were facing – I could not keep up. Four times I needed to stop and catch my breath; four times, I had to apologize; four times, I encouraged them to go ahead and I would follow.

But they didn’t. Instead, they got me to slow down my pace and, once we reached the top of the climb and were out of the wind, I was able to pick up my pace again. We totalled 14.2K, finishing just under 1:07 (total time out). I finished with the boys, feeling strong.

I’m grateful for running buddies who let me stick with them through nights like tonight, who drag me along when I need to be pulled. Thanks, guys!

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