A Quiet Finish

I love the holidays. It’s been great to have time with the boys and unwind.

In the same way that we had a quiet Christmas, we’re having a quiet New Year’s. I had planned to spend some time shopping in Toronto but timing was bad. Then, I thought I’d surf the net for some new furniture like home bar furniture and couches, but I decided that I should really get down to business and finish painting the windows in Skipper’s room. That turned out to be a two hour waste of time because Hubby misplaced the can of paint. Really, how do you lose a can of paint?

So, we’re having a quiet time tonight, baking cookies, watching a movie and getting ready for tomorrow’s big event: The Courage Brother’s Polar Bear Dip. It’s just me going in but the boys will be there and, hopefully, they’ll be taking pictures.

Happy New Year, everyone!

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