Wacky Wednesday – My Kind of Super Powers

My five year old, Little Ironman, has a passion for Batman, Robin, Superman, Wonder Woman – yes, all of the Superheroes. They come up daily in conversation.

On the way down to the lake for the Polar Bear Dip, my mind suddenly wandered to the effect that cold water often has on me as soon as I am waist deep. On Saturday, the water temperature was two degrees celcius.

So I asked Little Ironman, “Why do you think Batman and Superman never need to go to the bathroom?”

“Oh, that’s easy!” he exclaimed, “They just hold it with their super powers!”

5 Replies to “Wacky Wednesday – My Kind of Super Powers”

  1. That would be a super useful super power.

    My husband and I always joke about our real world super powers. Mine is to be able to find my way back from anywhere, as long as I was awake when we were getting there. I can even take an entirely different route. My sense of direction is pretty awesome.

    I had a friend in college whose super power was to always be able to turn to the radio to Bohemian Rhapsody when it was playing on a station in range. It was pretty freaky.

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