When Worlds Collide

I love Wednesdays – not because it’s Hump Day (really, what mom works a five day week) but because it is my day to run with the boys. On Monday and Tuesday, I do everything I can (using my supermom powers, of course) to make sure that this run stays on the agenda. On Wednesday, I think about running all day long, my adrenalin starts to kick in about an hour before we head out and, then, I have my hour – my glorious hour to escape family and work, to be able to run with Shawn and his buddies, and push myself as hard as I can.

Last night, it was just Shawn and me heading out the door. With Masters Track on our minds, we planned to run 800’s at our local high school but it was dark – too dark. So quick estimating led to the decision to run 1K hill repeats (gradual incline and always into the wind) on a road next to the golf course; there were no side roads to worry about and it was recently paved. We jogged down in 4:24. Perfect! An honest kilometre.

I love the jog back down to the start because it gives Shawn and me a chance to catch up on our personal lives. The third time down, I opened up; everything that I’ve been bottling for weeks came out faster than the 4:13 kilometre that I just ran. There were no emotions; I was focussed on my running and my physical side was in control. But I divulged it all – everything. Release. And, then we did our third repeat, and it shouldn’t be any surprise that it was my slowest kilometre in the set.

When we reached the finish line, the traffic light that forces us to stop, I heard my name. “Oh, Mrs. O’H., look at you running so hard!”

At first, I thought it was a compliment. I walked towards the van with the window rolled down and froze; it was a parent from school.

“And, isn’t that funny?” she continued. “You just called me today and left a message.”
“Yes,” I replied while still trying to catch my breath, “and I’ll have to call you tomorrow.”
“Oh, well is she….?”

The mother tried to get information from me, information that I couldn’t recall at the time and information that I didn’t want to remember at the time. I was busy. I was running with my friend. Politely as I could, I answered her question and repeated “I’ll call you tomorrow.” Thank goodness her light turned green.

I looked back at Shawn, also a teacher, who was speechless. “I tried. The first thing I said was I’d call her in the morning.”

Within six minutes, my three worlds collided – my family, work and running. Right now, running is my pillar; it is the power that supports the other two and, ironically, it lets me escape them. Traffic lights help too.

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  1. Nice splits on the hillwork.
    And I am glad your running buddy can lend an ear to help you get through your period of difficulty. If only the parents had similar instincts.
    BTW, I'd love to meet someone who could pee in 2C water. No way.

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