Wacky Wednesday

There are times when I become truly tongue-tied. Mornings are especially rough for me; the fine motor movements in the mouth take forever to wake up.

I also have trouble talking when running. Everything comes out garbled and, in the winter, I must sound as if I have a mouth full of marbles.

Today at school, I found myself tongue-tied while talking to a student. Simply, I was at a loss for words. While walking down the hall, I caught a student running – a indoor speeding violation at any school. I started to talk to him, explained that it’s dangerous to run down the halls, especially in the winter when everything is wet.

He looked at me blankly.

“The ground, the roads, the…..” I couldn’t think of the word.

Floors. I could think of all of those surfaces, the things we run on. I could not think of the word “floors”.

You know you’re a runner when…..

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