Ontario Masters

Phew! Done! After weeks of hemming and hawing, I finally made the decision to run the 3000 metre at this weekend’s Master Mini-meet at York University.

I don’t think I’ve ever fretted so much about a race decision over a meet that I’ve been told is “low-key”. But the idea of running track – and indoors – is frightening. The number of runners is significantly smaller than your smallest road race so it’s impossible to hide in the crowd, eyes are always on you and, being indoors, the track is only 200 metres – meaning that a 3000 metre event is 15 laps around the track.

Even though I’ve been sitting on the fence with this decision, I have been prepping for it: one track workout, one set of hill repeats, some strong tempo runs, trying to get the boys organized for Church while I head to the meet, and rescheduling plans for the day. Once everything was taken care of, I only had one thing to do before registering: find my confidence.

I’m not worried about running 3000 metres; I’ve been worried about how this will effect the rest of my training. How do I fit in my long runs with two weekends of racing? I need to log some higher mileage on at least one of those weekends so, with The Robbie Burns 8K being a more important run for me, I’m planning to run 13 miles tomorrow after work and rest on Saturday; next weekend, I’ll skip my long run.

This works beautifully. I can run 3000 metres and I might even be able to run it fast. However, if I don’t, I’ll have the excuse of Friday’s night mileage. No matter what happens, I’m getting in my long run and giving my legs a burst of speedwork over the weekend.

And my next decision…..which marathon do I run (and I bet you thought I was going to fret over what to wear, didn’t you)?

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