Dear Mother Nature

Dear Mother Nature:

I am writing to express my disappointment in the recent snowfalls you have given us. On Saturday morning, I woke up to a winter wonderland – our first major snowfall of the year. The snow was perfect for my boys, aged 5 and 10, who played outside in it for hours. Imagine my excitement on Sunday morning when, once again, they asked if they could go outside to shovel. But this first “storm” of the year was only 17 centimeters; it was not enough to force people to stay home. No, this “dusting” only caused havoc in my day, making everything that I needed to do away from the house – running, grocery shopping, and trip to the library – take longer than necessary.

On Tuesday night, my boys and I felt the wind pick up, and we watched the cloud cover come in; another storm was on its way. Children and teachers went to bed with their jammies on, hoping that there would be so much snow that schools would be closed on Wednesday. But, alas, less than 10 centimeters came down – not even enough to warrant cancelling school buses. And, once again, this became a nuisance; by evening, roads were cleared but still slippery (and dangerous), leaving me no choice but to run on the sidewalks – carefully, slowly and carefully.

Here I am, a week later, expecting to wake up tomorrow to another sprinkling of snow. Mother Nature, please, either take the snow to the mountains for the skiers to enjoy or give us a real storm. This in-between nonsense really is quite annoying.



p.s. If you decide to give us the latter, I would greatly appreciate it on Monday morning.

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