Toeing the Line with Ed

In the last twelve hours, my emotions over tomorrow’s track event have gone from nervous to extremely nervous to super excited – the kind of giggly excited that only a high school girl whose crush has asked her to the prom can understand. In fact, I think I’m as excited as Beth was before she ran with Dean. Tomorrow, I am toeing the line with the legendary Ed Whitlock.

That’s right – World Record holder Ed Whitlock. In high school, Ed ran a 4:31 mile. At age 48, he ran a 2:31:23 marathon and, at the spry age of 73, his marathon time was 2:54. Did I tell you he is 79 years old?

And, tomorrow, we will be running the 3000 metre event together. We might even finish together; after all, my seed time (my educated guess) is only 10 seconds faster than his. Heck, for a chance to cross the finish line hand in hand, I’d throw the race.

So this pressure that I’ve been feeling for the past three weeks about this mini-meet is gone. I’m the only lady in the event and I’m second slowest runner. But, I’m second to Ed Whitlock and that is an honour. Now I don’t have to worry about where I need to hide as all eyes will be on him.

Tonight I went through my pre-race rituals: picked out my Running Skirt (solid brown – something conservative for the older crowd) and top (Pink – because I’m the only gal running); shaved my legs (I’m the only gal there, remember?); charged my camera. And, for this photo finish, I might even have to pack lipstick.

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  1. Was sending you good vibes this aft…my race in the morning wasn't amazing but I'll take it for my first 1500m ever. Can't wait to hear how it went! (ps I actually put a little lipstick on this morning and had to chuckle…)

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