Cold Feet

I had cold feet today and I mean that in a literal sense.

Two years ago, I discovered Wright Socks for cold weather running. I love them. First, they’re black so the winter dirt doesn’t show on them. Secondly, and more importantly, my feet have not been cold since I started wearing them – and I am always complaining about the cold.

A few weeks ago, I decided that I better pick up another pair as mine are starting to show wear; the last thing I want is to find a hole in a sock before heading out. So, last Friday night, I headed down to my local Running Room and purchased two pairs.

Today, in our -10C temperatures (20 below with the windchill), I decided I should break in a pair. Actually, it was more a case of needing to open a new pack or wear socks that are waiting to be washed. I pulled them on and headed out. Five miles later, I got back home, took off my shoes and cringed at the pain I had in my toes. I couldn’t bend them. Somehow, they got so cold that it was hurting to walk on them. I immediately looked at the socks and their packaging. I noticed the words “traps heat”.

Something wasn’t right. So I dug through the laundry basket to find another Wright sock so that I could compare them. One had a blue toe seam; the other had a red one. Then, I looked at the bottoms. One had “Running”; the other had “Cold Running”. Uggh!!! I bought the wrong socks. I was especially annoyed because I double-checked with the sales clerk at the Running Room that I did indeed have the right Wright socks for cold weather.

In the late afternoon, I drove back downtown to exchange the unopened pair, and I took the gently used pair in hope that they would let me return them too. I explained what happened this morning, told them that I thought I was buying the correct product last week and that I thought I had confirmed it with their staff. Lucky me! I was able to swap both pairs for the Wright Cold Running socks. I love good customer service.

I’m looking forward to opening another pair later this week – but not in tomorrow’s even colder weather, just in case.

4 Replies to “Cold Feet”

  1. That's awesome that you got to swap out both pairs, but totally not awesome that you had to lose feeling in both feet in order to discover the different toe seam colors!

  2. So what are you saying? Two Wrights make a wrong?

    Cynthia! I pick the worst weeks to vacation.
    Too much to post catch-up comments, but I'm very proud of your 3K running effort and your courage to speak with Ed the Legend. Amazing.

    And I did enjoy your letter to our mutual friend, Mother Nature. So much I read it twice 🙂

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