Wacky Wednesday: A Question of Sanity

On Sunday, I ran the Robbie Burns 8K race, with a starting temperature at 20C below. At this race, tunnel vision kicked in – probably because it was so cold – and I was completely focussed on moving forward, not what was going on around me.

However, as we made the second turn, running past a police officer or two and a line-up of cars, I couldn’t help but hear the comments one driver was yelling.

“Those guys are crazy, man! They shouldn’t be running! Their lungs will freeze! Are they all idiots?”

Yup, every last one of us: crazy.

But it was refreshing to not have the typical complaints about us holding up traffic.

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  1. Every year all my friends bitch and moan about the LA marathon.

    And then complain that there are too many overweight people in the world.

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