Why I Love Winter Running

Winter Running is a challenge for all of us. I don’t like the cold – at all – and I get tired of the piles of laundry that it creates. But there are some things that make running in the winter special:

1. Squeaky snow: Freshly fallen snow that squeaks under my feet always makes me laugh.

2. Crunchy snow: This is the snow that has been around for days, sometimes weeks, that has been run on, driven on and plowed over – again and again and again. Running overtop of it leaves me feeling powerful. Take that, Mother Nature!

3. Colour: Twice this winter (and we’re still in January), I returned to work on Monday to be asked if I went south for the weekend. Winter running is great for the complexion.

4. My time: In the winter, I can’t run with the boys. Winter runs are completely my time – away from the insanity of work or home. (But I can’t wait for “our” training to start again in a few months.)

5. Power: I finish every run, good or bad, with the satisfaction of getting it done.

6. Shopping: The change in seasons is always a great excuse to buy new clothes. Winter is my favorite because there are different levels of cold, making it easier to justify buying something when my “retail therapy” appointment comes up.

7. Spring is next. Yes, without a doubt, the best part of winter running is knowing that Spring is coming – and that is always something to look forward to.

5 Replies to “Why I Love Winter Running”

  1. Yes, I agree with everyone of those.
    Except. Except Shopping. Guess I'll leave that to the ladies. Out my way, we prefer to mash together all different types of attire to accomodate winter. I suppose in your cooler climate, it serves well to be better dressed.
    Sometimes I stop breathing for a spell, just to hear the snow crunch crunch. Great list!

  2. The lady doth protest too much, methinks.

    Just kidding! Great blog. I'll enjoy winter training vicariously through you and in the meantime I'll stick to the treadmill, the indoor track, and the nicely plowed metropark paths!

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