There! I said it!

Tonight, I finally said it – my BHAG. I didn’t mean to say it; Teamarcia dragged it out of me. So, rather than reading and posting on other blogs, I now feel compelled to share it with everyone.

My Big Hairy Achievable Goal is running the Goodlife Marathon in Toronto this coming May. My plan was to run the 26.2 mile distance in the spring but finding the right one – one that is early enough that I can have some fun with some late Spring races and one that doesn’t interfere with Skipper’s singing schedule – was a challenge. Hubby and I narrowed the date to May 15th, the day of Cleveland, Mississauga and Toronto.

I eliminated Mississauga immediately. It’s close to home but the course isn’t great – especially when you run past the finish line at 36K. The boys would enjoy Cleveland but the numbers scared me. I eventually realized the 12,000 runners that it draws refers to the numbers in all events; there were only 2500 runners in last year’s marathon. However, I’ve decided that
I don’t want to run in unfamiliar territory for my first marathon in 21 years; I’m starting to feel like a reborn virgin (not that I know what that feels like).

Toronto makes sense. I know the city as I’ve lived there and run the streets for many, many years. It’s easy to get to, which is really important when Little Ironman and Skipper are tagging along. Most important, though, is my family – my two brothers and my parents – are also in Toronto so I’m hoping they might come out to cheer me on. One of the great things about this 26 mile course is it goes near each of their homes.

So my Big Hairy Achievable Goal for 2011 (Spring) is running the Goodlife Marathon in Toronto. Do I have a time goal? Of course! Guess what it is!

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  1. We will have to plan a time to meet!! I will hopefully and most likely be in Toronto cheering on some friends running it! I will be in Rochester NY the day before for Mind the Ducks and then going to Toronto for the day on Sunday 🙂 I will look for you and cheer you on too!!!

  2. Oh this will be some fun training to watch.
    I like the characteristics you used to narrow down your choices. And can you picture May 15th already? Here in the thick of winter? I bet it's gonna be beautiful.

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