I’m in Trouble!

How do you know it’s Saturday? You have a long run to do and the weather is the worse of the week.

It’s been like that here all month. The first Saturday in January, I ran in a snowstorm. The second I took off because I was racing the next day. Thankfully, I ran the Robbie Burns 8K on Sunday because it gave me another reason to plan to skip Saturday’s long run – again, a Saturday with miserable weather.

Today, I woke up, excited to run 13 miles – and, then, I looked outside to see freshly fallen snow. I knew right away that this wasn’t good running snow; it was the wet, slippery kind. However, I needed to get my miles in and off I went.

An hour and fifty minutes later, I arrived back home to discover two angry boys, pointing their fingers at me.

“Mom, you left without wearing your RoadID!” Oops! I was in trouble.
“You need to wear this. It’s not doing any good sitting on your dresser.”
“I know. I’m sorry.”
“Yeah,” Little Ironman piped up. “You’re suppose to wear this when you go for your runs.”

They were right. Mom was wrong. Tomorrow, Mom will wear her RoadID.

10 Replies to “I’m in Trouble!”

  1. So good that your boys know you should be wearing it. I would forget mine if I had to put it on every time so I have the one that is on my shoe so I never leave without it.

  2. Not gonna overlook a good time on your run!

    Our situations are a little different but I wear the Road ID Wrist ID Elite ALWAYS. Never take it off (except when working on the car). Not sure if that would fly for you. Be safe!

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