Wacky Wednesday

During the Christmas holidays (which seems months ago), Shawn sent me an email about a 5K Valentine’s Day race which can be run in one of two ways: as an individual or as a couple. “No pressure,” he wrote, “but it would be fun.”

I quickly reminded him that the “couples” are tied at the wrist with a red ribbon. So, we put the idea on hold.

Last week, with our spouses’ support, we decided to enter as a “team”. Our goal is to run well and celebrate by taking them out to dinner. Yes, we’ll be tied together, but it will be “fun”. Shawn, being “Team Captain” delegated the responsibility of registration to me. That gave me full reign on what to call ourselves.

Of course, the obvious “couple” names were out of the question. I played around with our Irish heritage but couldn’t come up with anything. Then, I worked with acronyms.

Hours later, I came up with one: RAFFIO, Running After Forty-Five in Oakville. For us, it’s perfect. Besides, it has a bit of a Ninja ring to it and Ninjas are fast.

Let’s hope we can live up to the name.

Looking for something else wacky? Sign up for the Brass Monkey 5K. Read about it here.

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  1. I wanted to let you know that I am currently organizing a Blogger's tea for March 26th. All of the details are on my current blog post.

    Please feel free to grab the button to help spread the word.

    It should be a very fun event and I hope that you can make it.

  2. I didn't know you were running as a team! That's awesome! I think you guys will win – your time will be so good. I'm running as a single, so I think I'm in a different running pool than you. Looking fwd to seeing ya Sun!! (Will bring my camera now for SURE lol)

    DT 🙂

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