This Old Boat

Last year, I mentioned to my husband that I wanted to find someone to run last year’s Valentine’s Couples race with and he volunteered. “No, honey,” I quickly replied, reminding him that I was competitive and didn’t want him to slow me down – but in a much gentler way. I couldn’t find anyone so I ran the “single” event.

This year, my running partner, Shawn, and I will be joined at the wrist. While nervous, terrified of falling or ending up with ribbon-burn around the wrist, I have to admit that I am getting excited about it.

At lunch today, at my bilingual school, I was telling some co-workers about the logistics of the event and the effort I put into coming up with our Team name: RAFFIO, Running After Forty-five in Oakville. One of the grade two French teachers found it especially appropriate.

“In French,” she said, “Rafiot means ‘old boat'”.

Yikes! It’s too bad that we weren’t running on water!

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