It’s Ninja Cold

Little Ironman, who loves to swim, ride his bike and run, is 5 but still loves his superheroes. For the past few weekends, he has creatively designed costumes for Batman, Wolverine, and a Medieval Knight. Today, he was determined to find the things he needed to create a Ninja costume.

After going through his drawers and the bin of big brother’s clothes that he is waiting to grow into, he found almost everything he needed. Missing was the mask. You know the one- the eyes are visible but everything else is covered.

“Wait, Mommy! I know!” he shouted. “What about your black running hat?”

I cringed. If LI got his hands on my balaclava (Ninja mask), I’d never get it back.

“No, honey, that is mine. I need it for when I run on really cold days.”

“Can I just try it on, Mommy? I promise I’ll look after it. Seriously.” And he held my hands. “I promise,” he repeated slowly, looking at me right in the eye. He made it hard to say “no”.

“This is perfect!” he exclaimed looking at himself in the mirror. “This is exactly what I need for my Halloween costume.”

If I didn’t know how to scream in my head before, I certainly do now.

“Honey, this is Mommy’s running hat. But we have 8 months before Halloween. I’ll keep my eye out for one for you.” (“Keep my eye out” is a life-saving phrase in my house.)

And, with that, the ninja mask went back into the closet.

Five years ago, I never would have imagined fighting over my clothes with my son. I can only hope he forgets about this and comes up with a new costume to design tomorrow.

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  1. Awesome! I need your hat too! Leo said I looked like a ninja this morning; I was slinking around in my black tights and black long sleeve base layer before adding the rest of my running clothes. I wore my new snowman mittens today! Those aren't so ninja-ish.

    Also, my racing flats have always been men's because (aside from the Green Silence) Brooks doesn't make them for women. I think they're just calling them unisex now though. And I'd love to see you down stateside in the fall! We'll have to talk about race options.

  2. I have a 5 yr. old who loves to dress up like super heroes, ninjas, etc. too! If I were you, I'd be looking around for a balaclava for him b/c I know that's something my son wouldn't forget! 🙂

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