Are You Kidding Me?

The past week has been crazy up here and I’ve spent the weekend catching up on things at home and what’s going on in your running worlds. If you haven’t let me know about the Brass Monkey Virtual 5K yet, there is still time. Angie B. is challenging guys (which, oddly enough, are low in numbers) to some “barefoot in thong only” runs. Read about the race here.

In my running news, I’m heading back to York University tomorrow (well, today, now) for the last indoor Masters Meet of the season. For me, tomorrow is just a speedwork session, and I’m not taking it too seriously. That let me talk myself out the door to run 22 kilometres this morning.

Even though I’m not pushing with this one, I did check out the roster – just to see who the competition is. There are 16 runners, and I’m the only female. No pressure. Of the fifteen men who are running, ten are over 50 – of which 4 are over 65 years and have the same seed time that I do. Yes, I am as fast as this elite group of 70-ish (and almost 80) year old men. This certainly puts things in perspective.

There are some perks to this, though. Once again, I’m seeded with world record holder Ed Whitlock. Canadian running icon Bob Moore will also be there. And, I get to run indoors – a real plus during these cold winter days.

And, please, don’t ask me what I’m going to wear because, as usual, I haven’t decided yet. But, I’m thinking that I could wear compression socks with this group and fit right in; but mine will have cute hearts on the side.

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