Wacky Wednesday: Signs of Spring

After many Wednesday nights of frosty running, today’s warmer temperatures hovering over zero celcius – or high 30’s F – were a shock to my system. I was overdressed, and I had to peel off my hat and jacket by the half-way mark. But towards the end of my run, within 5 minutes of running, I grabbed a few signs of spring.

As my buddy and I were running down a major street, someone yelled at us from their window. S thought the guy was swearing at first but we then realized that they were yelling at me – the female runner. No one has called at me in months either because they can’t see the ponytail under my hat or it’s just been too cold to roll down the car windows. This was my first sign of spring.

Shortly after, I smelled pot in the air. I did a double-take; after all, it is mid-week and a school night, but my buddy noticed it too. Then, I realized that the warmer temperatures are bringing the kids outside. With that, unfortunately, comes some of the negatives.

Over-dressing, cat-calls and teenage “antics”. These may not be the best signs of spring but I’ll take them.

3 Replies to “Wacky Wednesday: Signs of Spring”

  1. I agree, I'll take spring however I can get it. Leo and I were chatting yesterday about how the melted snow of spring reveals nasty piles of dog poo on some of the trails we run. Gross. Still, it's a sign of spring.

    I think it's hilarious that you now have a label for “pot.”

  2. It is nice to have some warmer weather! I have to say, I wouldn't know the smell of pot from anything else. It is understandable that the kids are smoking outside with the warmer temps.

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