What Doesn’t Kill You….

Today was a test for many of us. We had three awesome days of running weather – across the continent from what I can tell. Who hasn’t enjoyed the dry roads and sidewalks, the peeling off of layers and, yes, even the smells of doggie poop and marajuana on the trails? Yes, when teenagers are taking to the trails for freedom, we know it’s getting warmer. (And, by the way, I have never tried pot; someone pointed out the smell to me once and it’s one that I will never forget.)

Yesterday, though, the winds changed. At first, I was glad; the yards and fields needed to dry after that quick thaw. But then I realized that those cold winds were likely going to bring colder weather for my Saturday long run – and they did.

I woke up this morning to another dumping of snow. “Great!” I thought as I listened to hear how strong the wind was. “Another long run in miserable conditions.” I avoided going out as long as I could; I fed the boys, helped Skipper with his iPod, checked out Facebook and Daily Mile…. Runners everywhere were complaining about the wind.

Here I was facing average speeds of 50 kilometres per hour. Once I got out, it wasn’t all that bad. I dealt with the slippery snow for the first 5K, the sidewalks, snow and wind for the next 10K, and the wind and snow for the next 5K. Still, though, it was manageable. I used the traffic lights for many chances to catch my breath and my pace was good. But, then, to get home, I had to turn north – directly into the wind and uphill.

For the last 5K, running was near impossible. The wind was so strong that I actually had to fight the wind on a small downhill that went under a bridge. I thought about Little Ironman who was blown off his bike yesterday afternoon and imagined the wind picking me up and carrying me across the highway. It didn’t happen. Why? I walked. I was exhausted – tired of trying to staying vertical. I was close to calling home for Hubby to pick me up but I didn’t want to quit; I was too close to the end. So, I ran a bit and walked, ran a bit and walked some more.

Two hours and fifteen minutes later, I landed on my driveway. Done. Finito. I got through it. But I was ticked. Without a doubt, this was one of my slowest runs ever. But it didn’t kill me so it will only make me stronger, right?

And if you’re still looking for a weekend challenge, don’t forget about the Brass Monkey Virtual 5K Race. There are two days left – tomorrow and Monday – to be one of the cool kids. Make sure you send me your race report so that you’re eligible for some great prizes from Inperspire.

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  1. im afraid i wont be able to participate in the brass monkey 5k. i have been down the with stomach virus for 3 days and im as weak as a dish rag. im disappointed too, i had my outfit all planned out. i was going to wear my trisuit, and shoes and that was it, 3 articles of clothing. the suit is tight enough to go sans bra for a short distance. i was probably going to freeze my ass off but it was all in the name of fun. cant wait to read the race reports though!

  2. I've got my Brass (short for Bare Ass) 5k plans mapped out. I just have to wait until my husband isn't around so he doesn't mock me too much.

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