Thankful Thursday

At one point in the fall, I stopped watching the news, not because I was too tired to stay up past 11:00 but because it was just upsetting. I was tiring of seeing footage of war-torn countries, natural disasters and people dying; I was equally frustrated by the North American politics and economy. For several months, I was living by a “no news is good news” approach.

For some reason, though, I once again started tuning into CTV at 11:00. I think my media and political guru Facebook friends had commented enough on Egypt that I felt I had to know exactly what was going on in the Middle East. Within weeks, news also turned to Tunisia and Libya, the flooding in Australia and earthquake in New Zealand. Every night, it seemed, I watched television, shaking my head in shock or disbelief.

When I ran at lunch today, I couldn’t help but feel how lucky I am to live where I do. Last night, Shawn and I were able to run in the dark and didn’t have to worry about our safety. Today, I headed out mid-day, again feeling lucky to have such freedom. My husband and I have been planning a few big races for me over the next year – some for just me and some for the family to travel to. We can do that because we live in a free society.

At lunch, when I ran past the gas station, I sighed about the increasing prices. Then, I remembered where I was and what I was doing: running, by myself, during my lunch break. I am thankful for having the freedom to do that.

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