Here We Go….

The nerves for tomorrow’s race are still here. It’s only natural for me to be nervous before any event, but I feel especially anxious about this one.

1. Last year, I ran the course without being completely ready for it. My time was very disappointing but it was an honest time. After all, you get out of a race what you put into it. That was certainly true last year.

2. I completely messed up the pacing on my most recent half and, by the end of that downhill course (the elevation drop didn’t help), my feet were killing me. I’m thinking and breathing tomorrow’s pace: slow first 4 miles until I get my rhythm; pick it up for the next 4 and fly home.

3. I’ve got friendly competition there. Good competition, yes, but nerve-racking.

4. The big boys are coming with me. Two are planning to run with me as my goal time is their Boston pace time. Pressure!

5. My big toe is infected yet again. I started meds yesterday and avoided them today asI really don’t want an upset stomach on the course. My foot feels fine but, of course, it is a concern.

6. My puffer. With race logistics being what they are, I might need to run with my puffer, which is big and bulky, but my tights and shirt don’t have pockets. I’m still trying to figure out whether I can toss a bag into the bag check at the last minute (should be fine, right?)

7. Forecast: we’ve had wind and rain in the past two days; tonight, we’re getting freezing rain and snow. The weather is what it is.

Tomorrow morning, somewhere between my second and third miles, Skipper will be performing “Give Us Hope” tomorrow at our church. After hearing him practise for countless weeks, it is ingrained in my mind and it makes me smile every time I hear it. Tomorrow, I am hoping for sunshine, good friends and a fast time.

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