Hurray for Bruises!

After spending almost 48 hours working on active recovery from Saturday’s long run, and with only 6 days before Around the Bay, a 30K course which is really a 20K run followed by 10K of hills, I decided I needed more. On Monday after school, I headed to my chiropractor.

This visit with Dr. Randy was painful. He worked the area thoroughly, digging deep into the muscle. We knew that I could end up sore the next day.

But I didn’t. Instead, my leg felt much better and I found the courage to run 5 miles last night; I could feel my ankle but it wasn’t too bad. When I got home, I flushed it some more on my own, used my foam roller on it, and slept in my compression socks.

This morning, my leg felt much looser. But I wasn’t really excited until I took off my socks: bruising! Along the side of my right calf, brown bruising – something I did not expect to see – had become obvious. To me, this is good because bruising means that the blood is dissipating and the leg is starting to heal. Running Around the Bay is looking better and better.

Tonight, I cycled some more, stretched, rolled and thumb-pressed the area some more. It almost reads that I’m baking cookies. The effort from this, though, is so much sweeter.

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  1. Bruising, I've had that happen before. It doesn't look so good, but I agree, I think it's actually a good thing! Good luck at ATB!

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