Opening the Book

Balance: fitness, work and family. These are my pillars; when one starts to fall, the others hold me up.

Over the past five months, my fitness – especially my running – has become more than a pillar. It has been a foundation, a stable structure that got me through my fall crisis. Running has given me an outlet at work where we have had many changes; it has brought me a sense of calm when my son was recently diagnosed with Asperger’s. Running, the physical movement, my running friends (face and virtual), and writing, is my power.

Walking away from Around the Bay last week was a difficult decision. Doing so, I truly believed, would let me return to the road sooner and finish training for the Goodlife Marathon. Almost a week later, which included 2 – 5 mile runs and lots of cycling, it is safe to say that my ankle is much better but it’s still not ready for long distance.

And this, of course, is leading me to realize that a spring marathon is likely out of the question. Despite being cleared to run this week, I am again choosing not to. Why? It still hurts and I’m an advocate of “when it starts to hurt, it’s time to stop.” That’s what I tell the kids I coach so I’m going to listen to my own advice. Yes, I’m hanging up my shoes for a while.

This means, I hope, that I can start to run more efficiently sooner. I don’t want to run a painful half-marathon in two weeks. I’d rather rest and heal and, then, run some shorter races well. Perhaps I’ll have to write off The Goodlife Marathon – or register instead for the half.

But I’m still hopeful that things will suddenly change. With luck, I’ll be able to see a physiotherapist who can zap some powerful currents into that limb.

Many mornings, I wake up wishing for a crystal ball so that I’d know how long this would take to heal. Instead, I’ve been given another test of character, one which I am determined to pass with flying colours.

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  1. I think you're making the right choice. It is a HARD choice to be sure, but probably the right one in the long run. (get it, run!??! har har ar)

  2. Outstanding attitude Cynthia. It is hard to put it on hold but it is the right decision.

    Continue cross training and then when you do get to lace them up again, you will be better.

    Great example by the way to those kids you coach and to all of us.

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