Physio: Day 1

I love my chiropractor. Years ago, more than twenty when I tore my groin, it was my chiro who was proactive and treated me with ultrasound, whereas the physio I saw had more of a “rest and wait” approach. Five years ago, after Skipper’s surgery, his physio was always late and, when she finally showed up, she only wanted to see what he could do rather than get him moving and stimulate his muscles. So, when friends talk about going to physio, I just listen.

Last week, though, I decided it was time to try something else to speed up my ankle recovery. With a bit of help from friends, I was able to see one today who has completely changed my opinion of physiotherapy. He poked and prodded my foot, ankle and shin, did some ultrasound and, then, some laser therapy. Tonight, less than 12 hours later, my ankle is already feeling less tender.

The good news is it is only a tendon above the ankle that is stressed. The better news is this is the second health care professional who has said I can still run. So, tomorrow, I will run.

And, tomorrow after work, I will go back for the second of three treatments this week. I’m quite optimistic about this – but, admittedly, still a little cautious.

The best news: I’m still not writing off The Canadian Half-Marathon Championships next weekend!

Now if Running Skirts would post their spring/summer line, my day would be better than best! It always seem to come back to what to wear, doesn’t it?

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