Wacky Wednesday

During the past two weeks, I have been spending more and more time on my windtrainer. On Sunday night, after an hour of cycling, I took off my shoes and discovered this – an obviously infected toe. Since mid-August, this is the third time (and third different toe) that I’ve had to get oral antibiotics.

I still can’t figure out how this one happened as I haven’t been running much since the end of March. When I looked at my shoes, though, I realized that I haven’t replaced them in almost twenty years – and that’s two kids and 1/2 a shoe size ago. I can only suppose that the increased mileage brought this baby to the surface.

Not only do I have a gimpy ankle (which is recovery quite nicely now) on one side and an infected toe on the other, I seem to be missing a few brain cells too.

Yesterday, I was really excited about running at lunch because I was fairly certain that it was going to be pain-free. Ten minutes before I planned to head out, I reached for my puffer and let my arm drop from mid-air. My puffer was at home! Yes, after twenty years of asthma, which is often induced by exercise, one would think that I had an extra lying in my gear bag. Well, I do now!

But that didn’t stop me. I still headed out for five miles, taking a bit longer to warm up so that I could get more air into my lungs and be able to push myself enough that I could get back to school before the bell. I did!

This aging process is for the birds – and, apparently, determined 47 year old female runners.

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