Feeling Ready

After being “off” for 3 weeks, I’m finally feeling ready to lace my shoes for a longer run. Now, for me, off was not being truly off; it was taking a break from running. During week one, I ran a grand total of 10 miles; week two saw equivalent mileage. Cross-training on my windtrainer was what kept me sane – if you stationery cycling for an hour at a time being sane in the first place.

The rest and drop in mileage was not enough for me, though. I obviously needed something more proactive to fully recover so I turned to physiotherapy this past week, week three. My physio is a tiny little guy who took my goals – half-marathon next weekend and full in a month – quite seriously and went straight to work. Every time I’ve seen him, three times this week, he gets straight down to business – pokes, manipulates, stretches and applies ultrasound and laser therapy to my right ankle. The result: I’m running long tomorrow!

After a more normal week of running – two 5 milers and one 8 – I will run over 10 miles tomorrow morning. (Thanks, Lauren, for reminding me of Yoda: there is no try.) If things go well, I’ll add some distance at the end, hopefully bringing it closer to 13 miles. Until then, the jury on whether I can run Montreal next weekend is still out.

For the past few days, I have been more excited about running than I have in weeks. While everything seems to be falling back in line, the big question – can I still be ready for Toronto on May 15th – is still a big question. One run at a time….

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