Wacky Wednesday

Little Ironman, who turned 5 in December, has trouble understanding time. Recently, I started to explain that there are 60 seconds in a minute – only so that he can count to 180 when I want 3 more minutes of sleep (and, with luck, it can take more than 180 seconds to count that high).

When I got home from Sunday’s 12+ miles, I told him that it took me an hour and thirty minutes to run it. Now I knew that meant nothing to him, but I was really just looking for another opportunity to explain time.

Me: An hour and thirty minutes. Do you know how many minutes that is? That’s 90 minutes!

LI: Mom, that makes no sense at all! Don’t you remember? I’m only 5 and you’re 47!

Me: (Thanks for reminding me.)

Well, Little Ironman may not understand minutes and hours but he has clearly grasped the meaning of years.

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